Multifaceted artist, Entrepreneur, Author, Natural lifestyle guide for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.

I’m a 21 year old carefree spirit; young heart and old soul. Here to express myself through multiple artistic facets all to inspire growth and finding our inner glow. I am reflection of you; unconditional love.

My Story

My natural journey began in 2014 when I decided to transition to natural hair. This was a long and trying process which you can read about in My Natural Hair Journey. While researching and understanding the beauty of natural hair and using nature to nourish it, I gained a curiosity of other ways to carry out a natural lifestyle. My interest expanded to natural foods and products. Soon enough, natural was a perfect word to describe my physical lifestyle. I stuck with these new lifestyle changes and fell in love. I felt lighter, healthier, and I had this natural GLOW.

About 2 years into this period of my life it was time for me to start finding myself on a deeper level. I had graduated high school and began the process of building some sort of career for myself. At this time, I knew I had a gift of art, entrepreneurship, and some sort of counseling/psychology/healing work. Combined with a love and connection toward natural living. Yet, I didn’t know what to do with this combination of things that didn’t seem to fit together. So, I tried to fit myself into a box which caused me to have to eliminate parts of myself.

I studied business management along with some psychology at the University of Missouri. There, I learned many valuable life lessons, traveled, networked, and created some of my best memories. But, after 2 years I decided this was no longer my path; I could no longer try fitting into this box I placed myself in. I needed to be all of me not who the world or the system wanted me to be. After this huge lifestyle shift I was forced to dig deep within myself to truly find my purpose and passion in this world.

In this, I learned more about myself than ever before. The world natural isn’t just about hair, food, or products; the physical stuff. It’s so much deeper; it’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. For me, natural means my truest and rawest self. To be The All Natural is to embody, nourish, and love my most authentic self.  Whether that be through my hair, my body, my career, or my spirituality.  It is to be my true self in all aspects of life. Not to be perfect; always vibrating high physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally. It’s the drive to be the best natural version of me I can be and loving whoever that is.  

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